Xavier (Born Gary Giombetta) is a glam musician and singer of wedding band, Karisma and up-and-coming musical act for American Century Records.

Cyclone Edit

Hours after his fight with Richie Finestra, Zak Yankovich sits somberly dealing with the financial shambles of his personal life until he hears Gary Giombetta, a young man from the wedding band Karisma singing a cover of "Life on Mars?" by David Bowie on the piano. He is awestruck by his powerful vocals and believes to be having the same feeling of euphoria that Richie had from listening to the New York Dolls.

E.A.B. Edit

Zak Yankovich and Scott Levitt have lunch with Gary Giombetta to discuss his contract as well as possibly recreating his image to look similar (but not a carbon copy of) David Bowie. During the meeting, Gary describes his musical process and creative drive and sings a song of his own called "Human" with everyone at the restaurant applauding. Zak, still feeling sorry for himself about the 90 grand in Las Vegas, decides to put a mortgage on his house in order to finance his recording session. Near the end of the day, Zak is at home with a profile picture of Gary as well one of David Bowie's Aladdin Sane cover. He draws a Ziggy lightning streak over one eye, crosses out the Italian name and writes "XAVIER." Meanwhile, Scott gazes bisexually at Gary's photo while a female companion of his is sleeping naked nearby.