Lyle Hanny, known professionally as Hannibal is an American singer and songwriter, best known for his experimentation with funk, soul, rock and psychedelia in the 1970s. He was the top-selling artist for American Century Records until 1973 when he switched over to Koronet Records.

The RacketEdit

In the midst of slashing production costs and dropping acts, Richie Finestra meets with one of his top selling artists, Hannibal, and tries to persuade him from signing with another label. During his show at the Academy of Music, Finestra's rival, Jackie Jervis of Koronet Records attempts to woo him backstage to drop American Century and join his label while Richie, having to deal with the police in regards to the murder of Frank Rogers, tries to get his assistant, Cece Williams, to keep him away from Jarvis by offering to blow either him or Hannibal if the opportunity arrives.

He in Racist FireEdit


  • Hannibal is fashioned after 1970s funk artists Sly Stone and Bootsy Collins.