Donny Osmond (born Donald Clark Osmond) is a singer and teen idol. In the mid-1960s, he and four of his elder brothers gained fame as the Osmonds. Donny went solo in the early 1970s after signing with America Century Records and became one of the label’s most successful acts until 1973 when his record sales begin to plummet.

Pilot Edit

In 1973, American Century artist Donny Osmond has offended radio station owner Frank "Buck" Rogers. He's now refusing to play Osmond's new record and is threatening a label-wide boycott. Despite Richie's reluctance, Zak insists they bring in Joe Corso, a well-known (but far from ethical) promotions man to help smooth things over. Richie meets with Buck and Joe at The Oasis, a sex club. Buck, a major blowhard, details his quarrel with Osmond who apparently snubbed him at a promotions event. He had his sales department invite three dozen of his top Midwest advertisers (as well their families and spouses) to meet with Osmond at a private dinner. However, Osmond had an asthma attack and ended up in the hospital, missing the event. Aware a boycott from Buck would spread like cancer, Corso offers Buck some cocaine and asks what he and Richie can do to make things right.

After Joe kills Buck at his Long Island home, he forces Richie into helping him dump Buck's corpse in Brooklyn, assured that the police will believe that Buck's death was the result of a drug deal gone wrong. As they both grab his corpse, Osmond's 1971 hit, "Go Away Little Girl", comes on the radio. Joe laughs at this taste of irony and responds sarcastically to Buck "You here that, you prick?" and they proceed in dumping his corpse.

Songs featured on Vinyl (HBO) Edit

Pilot Edit

  • Go Away Little Girl (1971) - Donny Osmond

Yesterday Once More Edit

  • Down by the Lazy River (1972) - The Osmonds

The Racket Edit

  • Life Is Just What You Make It (1973) - Donny Osmond