David Robert Jones, known professionally as David Bowie, is a singer-songwriter best known for dramatic musical transformations, including his character Ziggy Stardust. 

Yesterday Once More Edit

David Bowie's song Jean Genie" is featured when a disorientated and bleeding Richie finally arrives at work.

Cyclone Edit

To raise promotion for American Century Records, Andrea Zito tells the executives she's going to stop by David Bowie's rehearsal to see if he'll help them with a Biafra benefit. She invites Zak Yankovich to tag along. Andrea and Zak watch Bowie's rehearsal performing "Suffragette City". David is delighted to see Andrea, but mistakes Zak for her new boyfriend. Oblivious, Zak pitches the Biafra benefit right away, turning off the musician. He quietly agrees to dinner with Andrea but stipulates it should be just the two of them.

Later that evening, while the staff cleans up after the Yankovich bat mitzvah, Zak watches in awe as the house band's lead singer, Gary Giombetta, delivers a soulful rendition of David Bowie's "Life on Mars?"

Songs featured on Vinyl (HBO) Edit

Yesterday Once More Edit

  • Jean Genie (1973) - David Bowie

Cyclone Edit

  • Suffragette City (1972) - David Bowie
  • Life on Mars? (2016) - Trey Songz

Trivia Edit

  • The real life David Bowie died of liver cancer two days after the release of his final album, Blackstar (2016) and a month before the premiere of the show. "Cyclone" the sixth episode is dedicated to Bowie, which is fitting since he appears in that episode and two of his songs "Suffragette City" and "Life on Mars" appear in the episode (the latter song was covered by Trey Songz). Series creator and friend of the late Bowie Mick Jagger added the dedication after his death in January.